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I'm Proud endorser of Bosphorus Cymbals. I've been using Bosphorus Cymbals since my college day in 2011, they have precise attack and good stick definition. My bosphorus set:

22" Turk Series Medium Ride

22" Master Series Ride 

20" Traditional Series Ride

20" Syncopation SW Ride

14" Antique Dark Hi-hat


In 2018, I had great oppotunitiy to travel and perform in Japan, and i tried Canopus Drums for the first time there. It was R.F.M Club kit. I always adore small drum kit since i was young and i really shock how beautiful Canopus drums is. Warm sound and versatile

I endorses Canopus Drums Yaiba II Bop Kit Series

 Maple Shell - Indigo Matt LQ
18×14 Bass Drum
12×8 Tom
14×14 Floor Tom
14×5.5 Snare Drum

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